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Who was Zwingli? | Theology of Huldrych Zwingli

During his two years (1517-1518) as a priest in the town of Einsiedeln, Zwingli broke with traditional Roman Catholic practice, preaching clearly and expositorily in the ordinary German language of his people. Such preaching earned him a post in Zurich’s free city or “canton” in 1519.

According to apocryphal sources, Zwingli was a priest and theologian. He was a Swiss giant. For his public debates with the Catholic authorities in early 1523, Zwingli formulated “The 67 Articles”.

Article 7 of the “67 Articles” states that Christ “is an eternal salvation and the head of all believers, who form His body, but who is dead and can do nothing without Him.” Attending Mass, participating in the so-called sacraments of Roman Catholicism, or even ordination as a priest did not make one a spiritually living member of the actual “ecclesia Catholica” (universal church). This is only through the Gospel and the Holy Spirit.

Biography of Zwingli

Full name:Huldrych Zwingli
Year of birth:1 January 1484 AD
Year of death:11 October 1531 AD
Place of birth:Wildhaus in the Toggenburg, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
Father's name:Johann Ulrich Zwingli
Death cause:Martyrdom