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The Story of St Ann | Mother of the Virgin Mary and Her Legacy

St Ann was born in Bethlehem, which the Bible frequently refers to as the city of David. Also because the great king and prophet were born there. Her mother was Mary of the tribe of Judah, and her Father was Matan, a priest of the tribe of Levi. And also the family of Aaron.  St Ann and St. Joachim are the parents of the Virgin Mary and are celebrated on July 26.


The First Daughter of Matan and Mary of Bethlehem: St Ann

St Ann’s parents were notable not only for their births but even more for their integrity and the grandeur of an exemplary life. Three daughters were born to them. The first, who adopted her mother’s name of, Mary, wed Cleophas. And had the good fortune to become the mother of Saints James the Lesser, Jude, Simon, and St. Joseph with the middle name of Barnabas, or the Just.

These are the holy disciples, whom the gospel referred to as the Savior’s brothers in keeping with the Jewish custom of referring to first-degree relatives as such. Sobe, a relative of the Blessed Virgin and the mother of St. Elizabeth, was Matan’s second daughter.

According to St. John Damascene, the Lord had chosen St. Ann, the third daughter of Matan. And also to be the mother of the Savior.


Anna’s Life and the Kingdom of the Lord

Because of her modesty, obedience, and sweetness of character, Anna has delighted her parents since she was young. She was persistent in her prayers and quickly started to taste God and seek His favor. She was eventually given in marriage to Joachim, who lived in Nazareth and was a member of the royal line of David.

After being courted by the most prominent members of the country. Due to this joyful kinship, the priestly lineage was brought together in a family with royal blood. Which was essential so that the union’s offspring could one day become the mother of the Savior.


Mary, the Great Good, and the Queen of Heaven

The two saintly spouses served the Lord with great devotion for many years in heavenly peace and harmony. But he had not blessed their union. Therefore, without expecting more children, they collectively donated their now-vain fortune to the poor. And they were keeping only the bare requirements for themselves.

Tradition holds that the Father heeded their cries and delivered them the great good, superior to all human wealth. The unmatchable, heavenly gift that is Mary, just after they had thus rid themselves of material goods.

Therefore, Mary was the reward for willing poverty, enlightened compassion, and contented sadness. And, most importantly, the open offering of hearts and persistent prayers. As Mary’s nurse and teacher, Anna served as the amazing being, the future Queen of Heaven. The masterpiece of creation grew on her knees.

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The Secret of Mary’s Divine Innocence in the Minds of Her Teachers

St. Ann was also the instructor who imparted the foundational information to the person who would hold the position of wisdom. But this teacher, who was unique in the world, must have quickly realized that little Mary had a different teacher who was privately instructing her.

Additionally, she may have had some inkling of an even more significant fact. Namely that her child was growing up not only in the whiteness of common innocence. But also in the splendor of an additional innocence, all initial, which to Her alone by divine privilege had been granted.

Because of this, even Anna and Joachim kept their knowledge of God’s miracles in Mary. And her future glory to themselves and focused solely on protecting such a precious gift. However, what is even more admirable about them and what constitutes their greatest glory is that, after they had divested themselves of every material good to give to the poor. They also divested themselves of that priceless pearl, Mary, to give it to God.

Consecrating it to the temple, as God had inspired them so that Mary could be prepared to be the temple of the Holy Spirit in that holy kindergarten. St. Joachim passed away shortly after in the arms of his bride.

For eleven years, St. Ann had the solace of witnessing her daughter develop in knowledge, virtue, and perfection. At 69, she eventually passed away in the Lord and was buried close to St. Joachim.


St Ann: From Early Middle Ages to Present

She is frequently seen with the Madonna and Child, St. John, or seated on a throne in works of art. And also is sometimes portrayed as an older woman holding her little daughter Mary.

Because she taught Mary how to clean and organize the house, she is also the patroness of broom manufacturers, tailors, weavers, makers, and traders of domestic clothes and linens.

But above all, St. Ann is revered as the family’s and widows’ patron saint and is invoked particularly during challenging pregnancies to ward off marital infertility. Expectant mothers frequently request her the three great favors of a joyful birth, a healthy kid, and an abundance of milk to raise the child.

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Mother of Mary: A Symbol of Motherhood

Since St Ann is the mother of Mary, her iconography is extremely diverse, and her cult has deep historical origins.
She is invoked as the patroness of expectant mothers, who turn to her for guidance from God in hopes of a joyful delivery, and a healthy child. And enough milk to raise them as best they can. And also, is the patroness of several professions connected to motherhood.

Since the early Middle Ages, St. Ann has been shown in Byzantine art and rose to fame in the West in the 13th century while the Marian cult took off.
She is frequently seen with the Madonna and Child, St. John, or seated on a throne in works of art. And also, she is sometimes portrayed as an older woman holding her little daughter Mary.