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Is There More Than One St Mary Magdalene Church?

Mary Magdalene is celebrated annually on the 22nd of July by millions of Christians from all corners of the world. Currently, more than 17 countries celebrate her by building churches in her honor. One of the most known is the St Mary Magdalene Church, located in Sandringham, England.

This church is also fundamental because many members of the British Royal Family attend services here, especially the Christmas ones. There were also several baptisms performed here. Royals like King George VI, King Olav V of Norway, Prince John, Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood, Princes Diana, Princess Eugenie of York, and Princess Charlotte of Wales were baptized in this St. Mary Magdalene Church.

Saint Mary Magdalene was and still is an important person in the Christian world. And it is only fair that she would be honored by Christians everywhere. She is the first person who witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter day when she came to bring spice to his lifeless body.

At the same time, Mary Magdalene was the first to speak with Jesus after his resurrection. It is mentioned in the Holy Bible that Jesus Christ told her, “Do not cling to me, because I have not yet ascended to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.”

She was the one who told the other apostles about His rising to the Almighty Father. Her tomb, located in France, is the 3rd most visited shrine on the Planet, after our Savior’s Tomb in Jerusalem and Peter’s Tomb in Rome.


Why Are There So Many Churches Built in Honor of Mary Magdalene?


Mary Magdalene is an important figure to Christians because of the many good deeds that she was responsible for throughout her life. She is also remembered for being one of Jesus Christ’s apostles. She was the first person who witnessed His resurrection and the first person to tell others that Jesus had risen.

Multiple churches were built in her honor, named “St. Mary Magdalene Church.” And people from all over the world praise her for her courage to remain loyal to God, her devotion, and her selflessness.

Unlike other apostles or followers of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene’s remains were discovered. And the Christian world values them tremendously. It is said that Mary’s skull alone represents one of the most valuable artifacts from Jesus Christ’s time.

Her skull is extremely important because it is claimed that a piece of her scalp that Jesus touched when he told her, “Noli me tangere” – touch me not- was found on her skull. Furthermore, it is said that this piece of scalp was in pristine condition. And it looked “alive.” Also, when the tomb was first discovered in 1279, witnesses claim a “wonderful smell of perfume that filled the air.”

People who visit her cave, or “grotto” as some might know it, located in the Var, in the municipality of Plan-d’Aups-Sainte-Baume, say the place is a true wonder of the world that occasionally there are miracles that happen there. Even King Louis XI fulfilled his wish in the 15th centuryth when he visited Mary Magdalene’s grotto and prayed for a son. So, there should be no doubt she deserves more than one St. Mary Magdalene church.

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Can You Visit St. Mary Magdalene’s Church in Jerusalem?


This spectacular church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene is located on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. Across from the Old City of Jerusalem. Tsar Alexander III and his brothers built St. Mary Magdalene Church as an homage to their mother, Empress Maria Alexandrovna, in the 19th century.

The church itself is a Russian Orthodox Christian church. The famous mother of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, asked to be buried in this church after visiting it in the 1930s. Her family honored her wishes in 1988, 19 years after she passed away. Her remains were sent to be with her beloved aunt in this church in Jerusalem.

On your way up to the Mount of Olives to see St. Mary Magdalene church, you will see the Gethsemane. The Gethsemane is the garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives.

According to the 4 Gospels, the New Testament is where Jesus Christ often visited with his disciples. And where He fell in agony before his arrest that led to his crucifixion. The garden is also open to seeing, and Christians gather here, where it is said that you can still feel a massive pressure in the air. The entry is entirely free. As for the church, prepare ahead, as there are limited opening hours.


Where Does the Fascination for Mary Magdalene Come From?


Dubbed the “apostle of all apostles,” Saint Mary Magdalene holds dear and near the spot in the hearts of all Christians. And for a good reason. She can never be forgotten as she was the one to discover that our Lord and Savior has risen.

Thanks to her, the world finally understood how real God was and how great His power indeed was. She was among the first people to follow Jesus and one of the first women when He was alive. She is Christianity’s proof that Jesus was purely divine. He is said to have cured her seven inner demons.

Christians are fascinated with Mary Magdalene and any St. Mary Magdalene Church for all these reasons. It is also said that after Jesus Christ’s resurrection, Mary Magdalene settled in Provence, France. She wanted to live in complete solitude in a cave where angels would visit her daily.

Nevertheless, she remained a loyal follower of Jesus. Even after His death and resurrection, she spread the word about Him and tried to convert people to Christianity. She planted the seed of religion in many without ever asking for anything in return. She is even said to have cured some people of incurable diseases in the name of Jesus.