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Benedict of Nursia. Who is Saint Benedict?

Saint Benedict was born in Nursia, a province of Italy, in the year 480 AD, to wealthy and noble parents. He received his ordination to monasticism from a Roman monk. He retreats to a rocky mountain where he remains in a cave for over three years.

According to historical sources, St. Benedict can protect you from evil spirits and demons with the help of the foresight that he has. Saint Benedict of Nursia had the spirit before sight, of healing, of casting out demons, of raising the dead; he appeared to some at a great distance on their faces, and to others, he appeared in their dreams.

Parts of his honored relics are in the Casino Monastery (Italy) and the Fleury Monastery (France).

Why does the order of Benedictine monks exist only among Catholics?

Many people often wonder why Benedictine monks are only found among Catholics. And if the order is wrong, how come we honor St Benedict as a Saint? And if it is not wrong, why is it not found in our Order?

The Benedictine Order exists only among Catholics because only among Catholics there are Benedictines and the papacy. The existence in itself of a Benedictine order is not wrong as long as this order respects the ordinance of Saint Benedict. The Catholics changed the apostolic teaching (the Pope declaring himself infallible and changing the Creed, where they added the notion of “purgatory”) and through the Great Schism, they became heretics, which makes their order belong to a heretical confession (the Catholic confession).

In the Orthodox Church, there is no such order and it is not necessary because the whole monastic life is governed by the example and writings of the Holy Fathers.